Referral & Co-Counsel Relationships

Olson Law welcomes co-counsel relationships and compensates referring attorneys consistent with applicable Bar guidelines. At Olson Law, we appreciate every referral and believe that referring attorneys should be compensated in a fair manner.

If you are a lawyer seeking a co-counsel or association relationship, Olson Law is here to help. We are willing to tailor such co-counsel relationships to the needs of the specific case and referring counsel. Examples of referral and co-counsel relationships which Olson Law considers include:

  • Acting as local counsel for out-of-state attorneys.
  • Working as co-counsel with other lawyers, whether in-state or out-of-state.
  • Acting as lead counsel out-of-state, in conjunction with local counsel through pro hac viceĀ admission.
  • Referrals from attorneys both in-state and out-of-state.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with other lawyers. To discuss a referral or co-counsel relationship with Olson Law, please contact us at [email protected].

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